About Us

New Image Thrift Store has been serving the central coast for over a decade. Our goal is to provide the local community with quality pre-owned merchandise, with service which is fast, friendly, and fair. But this is not all we do!

We are currently partnering with multiple business and organizations to make a positive impact in our community. Some of our current partners are:


We partner with DVS to provide clothing, furniture, and other household goods to their clients, as well as to furnish the shelter locations. A portion of the store's proceeds is also given to DVS each month.

To learn more about Domestic Violence Solutions to to: http://www.dvsolutions.org/


We partner with the City of Santa Maria to provide an environmentally friendly means of dealing with used clothing and textiles. Any items which cannot be sold, are sorted and brought to a textile recycling company, which ships them overseas to be sold and given away in developing countries.


We partner with local organizations to provide clothing and other miscellaneous items to be used in day camps, dramas, fundraisers, VBS programs, etc.


If it were not for you, our dedicated donors and customers, we would not be able to accomplish anything in this community. Your consistent donations and faithfulness to shop at the store makes it all a success. You play a huge part!

As you can see, we are doing our best to partner with others in your community to have a positive impact. We are always looking for more ways to help out, so feel free to give us ideas!